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Customer Reviews & Testimonials for

Be Fun™ Gelatin Art Tools

*** BeFun is guaranteed high quality. We have evaluated dozens of factories to find suppliers that can meet our exacting quality standards.

*** We always attach the useful of every needles so that you can imagine how to create a flower ( only original producer knows exactly this information )


*** We ship internationally to dozen of countries and get many good reviews.


We love to hear back from our customers, and we've been getting some rave reviews! Here is a sampling of the emails & comments we received:

*** From  Jill Mitchell , Venice, Italy

Trustworthy website to place order is a trustworthy website. Information and photos of products are clear, such as address, product, recipe, tracking... They process orders fast and response email quickly. I live in Italy and get items in 4 working days. Their address is in USA. It's very safety to trade and make a claim. They attach the useful of every tool that helps me a lot to design 3D cakes. Good quality, nice shape and reasonable price are pros. Highly recommend !


*** From Cathy Gill, Quebec, Canada 

Nice product , fast service

Now I have a plan to make a special cake for my family on Thanksgiving. It's very amazing. I live in Canada, order on Nov 20 and get package on Nov 23. Good job!


*** From Tami Kimberly, New York, USA 

Fast shipping, good product

These tools help me get new ideas for food art. My customers love it. Thanks


***From Maria P, Paris, France 

Fast shipping, good service

I love all products. Although I live in France, I think that I can get product about 2 weeks. But I'm very surprise because I order 9 sets and get it on 3 days. Thanks so much.


***From Kate Chen, California, USA

Good ideas

Now I have a new hobby when having free time.


*** From Natalia Jones, New York, USA 


" #1: We will attach the useful of every needles so that you can imagine how to create a flower. ( only producer knows exactly this information )" ====>>>>Right place, right service, right tools. Thanks for sharing. Highly recommended!


***From Alicia Francis , New York, USA

Good communication & tips

I buy in this store because she knows what she does. She can share the useful of every tool. I think that only producer knows their stuff. Just pay for extra some $, I have tips and tricks of every tool. This is a good deal.


*** From Luv Santos , Minnesota, USA

 Outstanding experience

I love your store. It's very clear and reliable.


*** From Klein Kim, Nevada, USA

Good product and service

I trust this store. Everything is clear and fast.


***From Lily Main, Washington, USA

Love all of products

I collect all products. Love it so much. God bless you.



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