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Simple Steps to Make a Beautiful 3D Edible Flowers Cake

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3D edible flower cakes are natural and very good nutrition. You get essential fruits, juices, and dairy products all mixed in your homemade cake. There is less sugar, sodium, and preservatives. This is the perfect treat for anyone who wants to be healthy, enjoy better wellness, or lose weight. 

The holidays is a special occasion to create memories that last a lifetime. Your party should be different! With BeFun™ Gelatin Art Tools, it’s easier than ever to create a really unique 3D Cakes. 3D jelly cakes look so beautiful, yummy in taste and healthy for everyone. You can make it easily by using Gelatin Art Tools and can surprise your friends and family by making it by yourself at home. Now you can make 3D cakes anytime within cheap rates as compare to bakeries.

Gelatin Art Tools collection has over 100 different designs. Every tool has own design, so we can make the same 3D flowers petals with different angle. You can design any flower by using different tools. There are simple steps to make 3D edible flowers cake.

 Step 1: we use a sharp-tip needle to make the pistil. The easy way is going into the clear gelatin, one drop and going out. We continue injecting with different angles. It looks like a circle.


Step 2: we use any Gelatin Art Tool to make the first layer petal. We should use the small tool first and the bigger ones next layer.


Step 3: we use a different size Gelatin Art Tool to make the second petal layer. It should be in the middle of two petals and different angles at the first layer.


Step 4: we use another tool to make leaves by injecting green gelatin following the petals.


Step 5: we make some little ornaments around the big flower by going into the clear gelatin, pressing one drop and going out.


We need time to practice and practice to have experience and make beautiful flowers.

Click here for recipe 

Please watch our video to imagine how easy to make 3D edible flower cake.



In short 3d gelatin art tools are the finest way to make the 3d jelly cakes. They are very effective and easy to use. You can fill your house with cheer and happiness with the perfect homemade 3D Cakes. With the help and existence of BeFun™ Gelatin Art Tools, you are one step closer in creating beautiful and stunning cakes with ease.

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