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8 Secrets for Using and Maintaining Gelatin Art Tools

Gelatin Art Tools

If you want to easily create gelatin art, one of the easiest and simplest ways is to use specialized 3D gelatin tools. With the help and existence of our tools, you are one step closer in creating beautiful and stunning cakes with ease. Specialized tools help you to put your creative and artistic stamp on every cake you make. There are 8 secrets for using and maintaining gelatin art tools for years of use.

  • We should boil gelatin art tools when we use the first time. It will sterilize and kill bacteria in the tools.

  • We use a warm water pot to keep the gelatin color base.  It helps melting the sticky or clogging gelatin art tools when we make 3D flower.

  • We should push the air bubbles out of the syringe. Then, take the gelatin color into syringe, insert 3D gelatin tools, inject into the clear gelatin, take it out a little bit before releasing the gelatin color.

  • We can move the specialized tools to the right or left side to get the desired size petal if we want to make big petal.

  • If the petal does not fill with enough color, we use a blunt-tip needle to fill it.

  • We wash specialized tools with dish liquid after working. Then use warm water run through them to clean them totally.

  • We should not put gelatin art tools wet on other metals because these tools are 100% stainless steel. It causes rust.

  • Store these tools away in a dry place for years of use!

 Watching our video for using Gelatin Art Tools:

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