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The differences between Agar, Konnyaku and Gelatin

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               Agar, Konnyaku and Gelatin are necessary ingredients desserts in over the world. The key difference of them is the original from which they are made.  Agar and Konnyaku are vegetarian substitute for Gelatin because they are made from a plan and have higher gelling properties. Agar is a gelatinous substance that is originally made from seaweed. It needs to be brought to a boil in order for the setting to occur. Konnyaku produced from tubers of Konjac root. It is a kind of crunchy and chewy, not runny, especially using as a vegan substitute for gelatin. We need to sprinkle jelly powder to medium heat and left to set. Gelatin is a colorless substance that is made from the collagen found inside animal bones and skin. It can be dissolved in warm liquid and left to set.

            To make a 3D cake, we recommend for using Konnyaku and Gelatin because they are softer than agar. You can design 3D flower easily with our best-selling Gelatin Art Tools. Are you ready for Christmas party? Everybody mentions to your amazing cake. It’s artistic, it’s fancy, and it’s YUMMY!.

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