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Gelatin Art Cake : The Meaningful Gift for your family and friends

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Gelatin Art cake is a very delicious dessert. In Asia, it is created by mixing Konnyaku jelly powder with natural ingredients, such as milk, fruit juice and fresh fruit. It keeps cool in the refrigerator approaching a week. Gelatin Art cake looks like beautiful, elegant and lovely artwork. It is very good for morale and health. We can enjoy the sweet taste of cool or in combination with other kinds of sweets like cake.



Konnyaku jelly powder has high level of food safety because it is no artificial colors, no sweeteners, and no preservatives. It is very convenient so that you can add fruit flavors that you love. Therefore, you can control how much calories you should eat. This powder is extracted from konjac roots. It is a kind of crunchy and chewy, not runny, especially using as a vegan substitute for gelatin.


You will learn gelatin art for Asian at :

  • How to make the clear jello .
  • How to make the milk jello for creating flowers.
  • How to inject the beautiful flowers.
  • How to combine all layers.

Every step has clear recipe and video tutorials to make Gelatin Art cake. Our recipes use natural ingredients. We do not use citric acid and titanium dioxide. Therefore, it’s very safety and healthy for everybody even a vegan.


To do the beautiful flower jelly cake with different textures, patterns and shapes, you need to have Gelatin Art Tools. Our special tools have many sets, every set has 10 tools and every tool has different size, shape and design. Our special tools make of stainless steel with many different size, nice shape and lightweight material will help you:


  • Make the beautiful flower easier and nicer.
  • Design any flower, even a flower with no name.
  • Create different styles of flowers and leaves.
  • Save time to decorate a cake.
  • Clean up easily after using.
  • Store simply in dry place.



Baking gelatin art cake is very simple and does not require you to be skillful. Just a few Gelatin Art Tools and syringes, we will make super beautiful cake. Hoping that gelatin art cake is the meaningful gift for your family and friends. They will surprise and love it.


Enjoy your life,



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