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New Features of Be Fun ™ Gelatin Art Tools from March 01, 2016

Gelatin Art Tools


Precision Gelatin Art Tool Set, High Quality Stainless Steel, Hours of Fun 3D Jelly Cake Art, Every Tool You Need to Impress Friends & Family, From Be Fun. 

Be Fun Gelatin Art Tools Set includes 5 pcs or 10 pcs of different patterns. 

These tools fit perfectly with syringe size of 20ml.

With over 100 tools to choose from, the options are limitless. Feel free to design your favorite 3D cake with these powerful gelatin art tools, design a wide range of flowers, and have some fun!

The serial number is listed directly on top of products. Each tool is named for the task that it is specifically designed for. So, there is never any confusion over which tool to use.

Distributed exclusively from the United States - so you know the quality is top notch. These tools are very sturdily constructed so they won't bend or collapse under heavy use.

Fast Shipping from Virginia, reaching most of the USA in 2-3 business daysInternational Delivery: 2-5 business days. For international shipping: responsibility for any customs or import duties is with the buyer. 

30 DAY ROCK SOLID MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Love your Gelatin Tool Set or your money back. Your purchase is risk free.


We currently have two types of tools set:

  • 1/ Set of 10pcs: including 11 sets: You can design 4-5 flowers per set with ease!
  • 2/ Set of 5pcs: including 15 sets: This is designed for orchid, daisy, rose and lotus to give your imagination an extra edge! 

This could just be the BIG THING you’ve been waiting for.


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