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How to become a Gelatin Art master with Be Fun™ Gelatin Art Tools


Do you love to create tasty homemade goods to eat but also love art as well? If so, this is for you!

 “Introducing BeFun Gelatin Art Tools That’ll Help You Create Amazingly Beautiful and Delicious 3D Cakes That Friends and Family Will Love!”


What Exactly is a Gelatin Art Cake?

  A Gelatin Art cake is a delicious and very beautiful dessert cake that is different than your traditional baked cake. It’s an ornate gelatin cake that is created by mixing together Knox original unflavored gelatin with natural ingredients such as fruit juice, milk, and fresh fruit. Once it is mixed together and created, it is then put inside a refrigerator to cool for a week.   

Knox original unflavored gelatin contains no sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and it allows you to add a wide variety of fruit flavors to give your cake taste as well as bold color. Since you are in control of the sweeteners you add, you’ll be in full control of how many calories you add to the Gelatin Art cake itself.



“A Gelatin Art cake is a true piece of culinary art. With its rich colors , floral designs and 3D imaging, it’s unlike any dessert in the entire world!”

 These types of cakes are perfect for one’s morale and personal health, tastes simply amazing, and can be combined with other types of desserts as well. And now’s YOUR opportunity to learn how to make PERFECT Gelatin Art cake, with the right tools!


- Introducing BeFun Gelatin Art Tools - Distributed exclusively from the United States - The serial number is listed directly on top of products.


 ===> Starting with price $11.00 for 5 tools. 


Now you can create stunning and beautiful cakes with ease with BeFun Gelatin Art Tools. These tools will allow you to put your artistic and creative stamp on every 3D cake you create!

 Every set has 5 or 10 tools of various sizes, shapes and designs so you can create your own unique designs FASTER and EASIER than ever before. These tools will need to be fitted 20 ml syringe.

 “Each tool is created out of 100% stainless steel, is very stable and secure, and is carefully crafted for personal safety as well as safe for food grade utilization. Just like the tools used in famous kitchens with shiny-bright stainless steel. They won’t bend, break apart or rust and unlike the competition, we only use smooth and seamless welding. You can expect slight changes in color due to exposure to water, but this is completely normal.”


Why use BeFun ™ Gelatin Art Tools?

 Here’s just a few benefits of using our amazing tools the next time you create a jelly cake of your own…


  •  Create masterful and beautiful flower designs with ease!

  • Design a wide variety of flowers, or even create your own!

  • Enjoy less frustration or headaches by creating cakes without tools!

  • Include a guide to the family of BeFun

  • Enjoy super easy clean up after using these handy tools!

  • Store these tools away in a dry place for years of use!

*** BeFun ™ Gelatin Art Tools Set is guaranteed high quality. We have evaluated dozens of factories to find suppliers that can meet our exacting quality standards. Distributed exclusively from the United States - so you know the quality is top notch.

*** We ship internationally to dozens of countries and get many good reviews.

**************BONUS with your purchase from original producer.

#1: A guide to the family of BeFun professional-quality Gelatin Art Tools. The serial number is listed directly on top of products. Each tool is named for the task that it is specifically designed for. So, there is never any confusion over which tool to use. 

For example:  tool 41: small geranium, tool 42: medium geranium...

#2: Fast Shipping

*** USPS First Class package, FAST & FREE SHIPPING from Virginia, reaching most of the USA in 2-3 business days. 

*** Priority Shipping : Worldwide: 2-5 business days



30 DAY ROCK SOLID MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or if you find any defect in the product, simply let us know and you'll be offered a FULL refund or replacement. That is how confident we are that you will love your Gelatin Art Tools.



We love to hear back from our customers, and we've been getting some rave reviews! Here is a sampling of the emails & comments we received:

*** From  Jill Mitchell , Venice, Italy

Trustworthy website to place order is a trustworthy website. Information and photos of products are clear, such as address, product, recipe, tracking... They process orders fast and response email quickly. I live in Italy and get items in 4 working days. Their address is in USA. It's very safety to trade and make a claim. They attach the useful of every tool that helps me a lot to design 3D cakes. Good quality, nice shape and reasonable price are pros. Highly recommend !


*** From Cathy Gill, Quebec, Canada 

Nice product , fast service

Now I have a plan to make a special cake for my family on Thanksgiving. It's very amazing. I live in Canada, order on Nov 20 and get package on Nov 23. Good job!


*** From Tami Kimberly, New York, USA 

Fast shipping, good product

These tools help me get new ideas for food art. My customers love it. Thanks


***From Maria P, Paris, France 

Fast shipping, good service

I love all products. Although I live in France, I think that I can get product about 2 weeks. But I'm very surprise because I order 9 sets and get it on 3 days. Thanks so much.


***From Kate Chen, California, USA

Good ideas

Now I have a new hobby when having free time.


*** From Natalia Jones, New York, USA 


" #1: We will attach the useful of every needles so that you can imagine how to create a flower. ( only producer knows exactly this information )" ====>>>>Right place, right service, right tools. Thanks for sharing. Highly recommended!


***From Alicia Francis , New York, USA

Good communication & tips

I buy in this store because she knows what she does. She can share the useful of every tool. I think that only producer knows their stuff. Just pay for extra some $, I have tips and tricks of every tool. This is a good deal.


*** From Luv Santos , Minnesota, USA

 Outstanding experience

I love your store. It's very clear and reliable.


*** From Klein Kim, Nevada, USA

Good product and service

I trust this store. Everything is clear and fast.


***From Lily Main, Washington, USA

Love all of products

I collect all products. Love it so much. God bless you.


 How to use BeFun Gelain Art Tools?

Please watch our video below:



“Are you ready to enjoy making amazingly beautiful Gelatin Art cake the simple and easy way?”



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